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A 13 year old boy was killed as his father tried to avoid hitting a child on the road with his vehicle


The family of Chief Chijioke Uwah has been mourning their late son since December 15th, 2017 following a fatal road accident that killed their 13-year-old Chijioke junior, son of Esther Uwah one of his Chijioke’s wives.

The accident occurred after the Peoples Democratic Party PDP convention took place in Abuja, as he set out for Enugu from Abuja with five of his children on 15/12/2017.

According to reports, the family left Abuja in the early morning by 4:00 am and had already passed Lokoja and Anyimgba in Kogi state when suddenly an infant was crossing the highway alone.

The father was trying to avoid hitting the child, the driver (Chijioke Uwah) hit the brake quickly and at the same time turned the steering as the car somersaulted and threw away the son out from the smashed window.

The handsome boy died on the spot whereas other occupants of the vehicle came out unscratched except Chijioke Uwah senior who sustained injuries, especially on his head.

The boy will be laid to rest on Wednesday 17th January 2017 at Ebonyi state.


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