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28-year-old Guvnor Ace leaves his 68-year-old White wife, because of a younger lover


Can you still remember Guvernor Ace? The 28-year-old Ugandan Singer, made it to headlines after he got married to a 68-year-old grandmum as his wife, in a secret wedding that was held in Kampala, Uganda.

The Ugandan singer disclosed that he met the love of his life, Mona-Lisa Larsson, 68, after she left a comment on one of his post on Facebook.

Guvnor immediately sent her a friend request and that was how their love story started. which eventually led to their marriage.

The marriage was, of course, a trending topic on Social media, with many folks saying she’s too old for him, while others did the maths. They noted that Mona-Lisa was 40 years old when Guvnor ace was born.

Others felt he married her because she was rich and all. But Ace went all berserk on trolls and put them in their position.

Many months later, Mona-Lisa has now revealed that Guvnor has dumped her and eloped with another lady. According to reports, Guvnor dumped Monalisa after he used her to get into Europe.

Mona Lisa also claims that Guvnor was after her money and was not genuinely in love with her as he always said.

Guvnor posted several photos of himself and a young white woman rumoured to be the new love of his life.

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