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43 years old man helps neighbour to look for their 14years old daughter, while he hid her in his house for se.x


A 14-year-old girl was declared missing by her parents in Lagos, but unknown to them, she was in a 43-year-old neighbour’s room and they were having se.x for two days.

The incident occurred at Suberu Oje Avenue by Casso bus stop in Alagbado, Lagos where they live. The neighbour, Mr. Olaniyi Lawal, kept her locked inside with him and they had se.x during the period she was with him.

At home, the girl’s parents were filled with terror and they assumed their daughter had been kidnapped, so they reported to the police. The neighbours, including Mr Lawal, and the police formed search parties to look for the missing girl.

Mr Lawal later released the girl to return home after two days and when she got home and was queried by her parents, she told them she was with Mr Lawal and also confessed that they had se.x.

P.M. Express reports that the girl also confessed to being comfortable at his house which is why she did not return home despite knowing that her parents must be looking for her.

It was gathered that the parents were angry that Lawal joined them in searching for the missing girl while knowing her where about.

The matter was reported to the police and Mr Lawal has been arrested for abduction and ra.pe. He denied abducting the victim and claimed that he did not ra.pe her as alleged by her parents.

However, the police found him culpable because of the age of the victim and charged Lawal before Ogba Magistrates court for the offence.

The prosecutor, Inspector Donny Raphael, informed the court that Lawal abducted the victim, kept her inside his room and defiled her. The Presiding Magistrate, Mrs. B.O. Osunsanmi, ordered that Lawal be remanded in prison custody. The court directed the prosecutor to send the file to DPP for advice and then adjourned till 9th September 2018.


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