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A 52 year old woman is having se.x with her son every Wednesday to maintain his wealth


Banda Yvonne, a 52-year-old Zambian woman, made an open confession to having se.x with her own son in order to preserve his riches.

She revealed that she has been having se.x with her son, known as Abel every Wednesday for the past 14 years, and the day she stops, the boy will lose his wealth and die mysteriously.

Yvonne, a native of Ndola confessed to ZambiaWatchDog that she is the main source of her son’s success by offering her body to him once a week as instructed by the witch doctor he got his wealth from.

She was said to have once confessed in church and the pastor of Great Kingdom Church, Zambia, prayed for her.

But despite the confession and for fear that her son will suffer and die painfully, she went back to being the keeper of his riches and continued with the se.xual relationship with her son.
Confessing to the newspaper, she said, “I have been sleeping with my son, Abel since 2002 when he started his transportation business which has grown tremendously and he now owns a fleet of trucks, buses, and other small cars.

“We have se.x every Wednesday and we do it at my house where the charm was buried.”
According to Yvonne, “the price is that, once I stop sleeping with him, all our hard earned wealth will vanish into thin air and my son will die a very painful death.”


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