Home News 60% of coronavirus cases in Rivers state are oil workers

60% of coronavirus cases in Rivers state are oil workers


Rivers state Governor Nyesom Wike has said that about 60% of Coronavirus cases recorded in the state have a career in the oil sector. 

The Rivers state Governor said that some of the cases recorded in state are oil workers returning from rigs. The Governor said this in a meeting with the management team of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited at the Government House on Wednesday May 20, and he blamed the increased number of COVID-19 cases in the state on un screened oil workers. 

Governor Wike also insisted that his actions were not targeted at anybody or organisation as oil remained the mainstay of the economy. He further recalled how 3 out of 14 oil workers who were quarantined in the state, tested positive for Coronavirus. 

The Governor said; 

“It’s not in anybody’s interest to deny people to carry out their official duties.  Oil is the main stay of the economy of Nigeria and without it, we that is in this part of the country will find it difficult to function.

“My concern is that companies should always notify government of workers they are bringing into the state, so that our health officials can monitor them.”


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