Home News A 9-year-old girl Survives After Fallen from a 3-Storey Building

A 9-year-old girl Survives After Fallen from a 3-Storey Building


A tragic incident occurred yesterday Wednesday, 11 April 2018. A girl who’s 9-year-old by name Chidera, fell down from a three storey building after she missed her step while she was playing with her friends.

According to sources online, the incident has happened at a property situated at 3B Ekwe Street, Mile 3 Diobu, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, after her parents left her with other children for go for their daily businesses.

Friends of the little girl who has been admitted at a nearby private hospital for treatment said she ran from inside passage to outside corridor, where she accidentally pushed the building protector off – causing her to fall freely from the 3-storey building.

This is just coming a few months following a report that a 2-year-old Nigerian girl fell down from an apartment in Germany without sustaining a scratch. According to a Facebook user, MizzEva Eva, on the 31st of August, she left her two children in the room and went to the toilet to ease herself only to return to discover that only one of her children was left.

She searches for her child effortlessly and realized what had occurred after she looked out of the window. She saw her little daughter in a woman’s hand, who informed her that the girl fell down from the window. An ambulance was summoned and she was rushed to the hospital. MizzEva Eva who narrated her story on Facebook group SHA, wrote this:

 Sisters all over the world pls help me to thank my God who did not allow my enemies to triumph over me.It was on thursday evening 31st of August.we live in a one room appartment becos of accommodation problem here.On this faithful day I was in the toilet.My 2 yrs old and 3 months daughter was in the room and my 6 months old baby.The window was half opened.i usually open half way when its hot or after i changed their diaper.It is a 2 storey building.

So I went to answer the call of nature.when I came out of the toilet I couldn’t find my daughter.I was confuse because the door was locked.I called her but no response.I opened the door ran to my neighbour and asked if she’s there,they said no.I came back to the room.I was confused becos the door is locked and the key is not there.where is my daughter. 


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