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A First class Law graduate from O.A.U who was supposed to be called to bar in 3 weeks, slumps and dies


A First Class graduate who slumped and died, just 3 weeks to be “call to the bar.”

Known as Quadri Oladimeji Olaniran, the young lad made First Class at the Last Bar Finals, 2017 set.

He was a graduate of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, 2015 set. “He was an easy going, intelligent and reserved being. Always taught me at the library. The legal profession has lost an asset. His birthday is 19th of this month…we were planning his birthday and call to bar just a few days ago.”, from a source.

Tribute has since been pouring in on Facebook from his friends and colleagues.

Sakirat Ade Adebayo wrote: “Inalilahi waina ilae rajiun…. Erin wo, ajanaku subu kole dide.

Wallahi, death is inevitable. My eyes are filled with tears when I learned he is no more. Back then in 2014 when I met him, he was a wonderful guy full of life, very jovial.

Death! O death!, you did this again. Nothing like lemme say farewell when it’s time, it’s time. The same death that will take the soul of the young, will do same to the old. It’s not different for kings and chiefs. When it’s time, it’s time. O death that took my beloved grandmother, Seliatu mi Adufe, is the same that snatched away our dear friend, Quadri Oladimeji Olaniran, former president, LSSOAU.

LSSOAU class of 2015, Faculty of Law, OAUife and the generality of great Ife students, I commiserate with you, indeed, a great hero has fallen. May Almighty Allah be with the family of the deceased in this trying times and give them the fortitude to bear the loss.

I also beseech Allah to grant him Aljanat firdaos and illuminate his grave. To us that are still alive at this moment, death is enough admonition, let us lead a faithful life and always think of the hereafter.

Another user, a colleague of his, Okoro Tochukwu Prosper, wrote; “I didn’t know what was pushing me to make the post I did this morning; concerning our friends on here and how they die… and how we come online and scroll their wall knowing fully well they exist no more.

That post was in my heart since yesterday and I wasn’t able to hold back this morning. As if I knew what was gonna be happening, the news of another friend on here has just reached me.

Quadri Oladimeji Olaniran. This dude is… Oh! now “was”- was a bookworm. My fellow Chelsea fan. I enjoyed the moments I had with him. He wrote this Bar Finals and was successful but now, we can’t still say he was successful. Wig, he didn’t wear. Barrister and Solicitor, he is not. Perhaps, by now, he must have bought his wig and gown. New shoes and suit.

But, he’s dead now.

What a life we’re living? People work so hard to make it and when it’s time to enjoy their labor, death comes their way? I will take a look at Quadri’s wall again and finally delete him. Yes! I will, someday. The shock is still fresh and I may not want to believe this.

The real success in life isn’t that we wrote exams and passed. Or that we wrote and didn’t pass. The actual success in life is life. For every day we live, we are a success. And like I said in the morning… this life should be lived in a manner that would be full of thanks and love to God and man.

R.I.P my friend and a colleague in equity, and even in death!

Another User, Justice U Justice wrote; “What a useless world that we’re living in? I still can’t believe the tragic news I’m hearing about the death of my very good friend Quadri Oladimeji Olaniran Quadri was a caring friend and brother to me during our stay at Bwari.

I cannot forget the advice you gave to me when I told you that my doctor said I should quit law school & face my health. You said, “Justice you cannot afford to come back to Bwari as a student again, no matter the situation try and write the exam”.

You were so nice to everyone, always eager to teach even when you were busy reading at the library you would displease yourself to teach others.

Quadri do you know that your screening is next week and Call to Bar is in two weeks time? I still can’t believe this tragic news because we chatted last night. Just a few days ago you collected all d pics we took together. Sometimes I feel like questioning God but who am I?

I could remember the little time we spent together at Lovitoz watching Chelsea match, my group leader, my neighbour, my reading partner.

Sleep well brother!

May Almighty God grant the family of Olaniran the fortitude to bear the loss of their son.
The entire Group Nine(9) miss you

The entire 2016/2017 NLS Set say goodbye.


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