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Abia state govt releases photo of a man who escaped from Covid-19 holding center


Government of Abia state has released photos of the man who ran away from a holding facility in the state after testing positive for COVID-19.

Emmanuel Ononiwu escaped from a holding facility in Aba just before he was to be moved to an isolation centre. He has since his escape switched off his phone, and his wife has also remained unreachable despite calls for her to present herself for a test.

In a bid to recapture him and take him back to the isolation centre, the Abia state government released his picture to the public for easy identification.

Sharing photos of the COVID-19 patient, the Abia state government wrote: “Wanted Person: Emmanuel Ononiwu. These are file pictures of Emmanuel Ononiwu who was declared wanted by Abia State Government after he tested positive to COVID-19 and absconded from a holding center in Aba prior to being moved into isolation.

“He is a generator mechanic, uses a Mercedes V-Boot car, previously used a Mercedes 190 brand and is believed to be from Ikeduru LGA of Imo State but resident in Aba.

If seen, please call 0700 2242 362 and do not approach him physically without adequate protection to avoid being infected with COVID-19. 

All enforcement units at the borders and security checkpoints are hereby notified to be on the look out for him as there are indications he is planning to flee the state.”


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