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Abuja Prophet – Pope Francis may die this year, Rochas will lose his job, naira will appreciate to N185


Abuja Prophet known as Prophet Wisdom Ojenanmuo of Spiritual Leader of World Solution Centre Abuja has made a number of several bold prophecies for 2018… and it got us all shook!

He made his predictions while preaching at his Ministry’s Special Anointing Service for 2018. He said God told him that pope Francis may die this year if the church doesn’t pray for him.

On terrorism, he predicted that Boko Haram leader will be capture between July and August and an escalation in the activities of Fulani herdsmen.

He had bad news for Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha. The prophet says he will lose grip on Imo state and be removed as its Chief Executive as a result of the mounting resentment of the people towards the policies of his administration.

It’s not all doom and gloom however as he forecasted a positive economic outlook saying the naira will trade at 185 to the dollar. He said:

“The downfall of Boko Haram is at hand. Between July and August this year, the insurgents will totally surrender their weapons. Their most wanted leader will be apprehended but won’t be killed and this will lead to the crackdown of the terrorist group.

“However, we should pray seriously against the new form of terrorism rearing its ugly head through armed herdsmen. There will be a lot of weapons, massacre, and excessive bloodshed if they are not contained.

“We should pray for the Catholic Pope. I am seeing him slumping and he may not survive it. This will lead to division in the Catholic Church which is not a good omen.

The economy this year will be better. God has answered our prayers on the economy. It will be better this year as the Naira will appreciate in value to exchange against the Dollar at about N185.”


  1. False prophets everywhere!!!!! This is alarming. Rochas Okorocha has almost served out his second tenure as Governor of Imo State. The pope is a human being after all and will surely die some day when God appoints. Mr Prophet, I know that you only want to be heard. Visit the Bible to learn some prophetic truth. Be careful before egbe eluigwe visits you.

  2. is it the pope who thinks he is god that the church will be praying for? the pope doesn’t represent Christianity, another fake prophet maybe, God will come and tell you maybe the pope will die? is God a man? haba!!! what is prophetic about a maybe? the so called prophet may also die this year, that is a sure probability for all human beings. Abegi make we hear word.


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