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Actress Praise Sam – “I won’t dump a man because he doesn’t last in bed”


It’s no news that women usually cheat on their Spouse if they are not good in bed to satisfy their se.xual urge or have little manhood. But this curvy lady (Praise) disagrees.

Although over the years, science and experience have proved that women are stronger and last longer in bed than the male folk; not because they are on the receiving end while the men exert energy while doing the entire job, but because they are naturally created that way.

Little wonder why several relationships don’t last long because most men are unable to satisfy their partners se.xually. But same is not the case with the curvy and busty actress, Praise Sam Ogan. Leaving her partner because he can’t make love to her the way she wants it in bed is not an option.

In a chat with Potpourri, she explained in insightful details, reasons why she will never dump a man she is crazy in love with all because she desires a partner with horsepower in bed.

“That is nothing now! There are so many ways to work on that; I can’t leave a man I love because he doesn’t last in bed. For the fact that I love him we will work on it; the world has gone past that.


It’s just like asking a man to leave a woman because she cannot cook; what happened to teaching her, or getting a private cook to coach her indoors? Love is a beautiful thing, little things like this got nothing on them”, she said.

Speaking further, she confessed that she would only leave a man who can’t satisfy her in bed if he is proud and not ready to learn.

“It’s no lie, I have been in such a relationship before and I helped my man; I can never leave a man for such reason, except he has got pride and refuses to be helped, then I’ll leave him to his faith”, she concluded.


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