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Airport cleaner returns $6,000 she found in the toilet


Charity Bassey, a cleaner at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport , Ikeja, Lagos State, recently found a nylon containing $6,000 valued at over N2million in the toilet at the airport while cleaning and returned it to the security department of the airport.

Charity was on duty at the departure wing of the airport when she picked up the nylon from the floor in the toilet. Narrating how she found the money, Blessing said;

“I went in and saw the small black nylon on the floor. It looked dirty and rough, you won’t know it is money that was inside it. I picked it, felt some notes inside and took it to the customer care. I was given a glove to bring out the contents and I counted 60 pieces of $100 dollar bills.”

She also had this to say;

“Nobody gave me anything, the manager, company or even the owner who later came back looking for the money. I am however, not discouraged as I do my best to do a good job with clear conscience. This is not the first time I am picking up forgotten items like wallets, phones, small bags and even money. I have always returned them to the frontline desk or customer care desk”

God bless her for her good deed



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