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Atiku is better than Buhari, and I have forgiven him – Obasanjo


Read the six key things former president Olusegun Obasanjo said during his press conference after meeting with his former Vice President now PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar

1. He referred to Atiku as the President-to-be

2. He said Atiku has shown remorse, asked for forgiveness and has indicated that he has learnt some good lessons.

3. He said as a Christian, he has forgiven him wholeheartedly.

4. He said there are still areas, nationally and internationally, where Atiku has to mend fences and make amends and that Atiku will know how to handle what is already out and what may yet be put out by the opposition. Obasanjo also said if Atiku is remorseful and has a contrite heart, the rest of the coast within and outside the country can be cleared

5. Obasanjo said from what he personally knows of Atiku, he has the capacity to perform better than the incumbent, President Buhari and that Atiku surely understand the economy better; has business experience, which can make his administration business-friendly and boost the economy and provide jobs.

6. He said Insha-Allah, Atiku will become Nigeria’s next President.


  1. Obasanjo forgiven Atiku? That shows that Obasanjo has no permanent friend/enemy but permanent interest.
    Do you still believe in Obasanjo? At the inception of Buari’s administration he said Buari is the best thing to happen to Nigeria. When Buari could not accede to his corrupt offer and protect his ill gotten wealth he severed relationship with him. Obasanjo had told us many times that Atiku is a thief who had been barred from entering the US and we found it to be true. He said Atiku cannot be trusted to the treasury of the country. What now made Atiku the best President that Obasanjo is endorsing?
    Nigerians beware of Obasanjo. He is not an elder Statesman we can trust. It has shown that he is ready to go with anybody who is prepared to jeopardise the interest and future of the Nigerians to protect his selfish ambition. Both Atiku and Obasanjo have no credential to occupy the highest seat of government. They are all thieves. For Obasanjo to support Atiku, he must have been promised to be given something very important.
    Nigerians! we must be praying for the failure of Atiku , Obasanjo and PDP to get to power because they did not mean well for the masses. May God save us from the clutch of these evil people who do not want progress for the country. Amin.


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