Home Local News A barren nurse welcomes quadruplets after 17 years of wedlock

A barren nurse welcomes quadruplets after 17 years of wedlock


Hadiza Ndayebo, who is a Medical Nurse is now a mum for the first time after 17 years of wedlock now have a set of quadruplets at the Jumai Babangida Aliyu Maternal and Neonatal Hospital in Minna, Niger State.

Hadiza who was admitted into the hospital for over seven months for proper to be monitored very well before she was delivered of the babies on Monday, reportedly got pregnant through artificial insemination.

Northern City News reports that Hadiza who is her husband’s second wife, lost one of her babies during delivery as she claimed no one believed her when she said she was pregnant.

I went through artificial insemination because I had been battling with infertility for over 16 years. By December 28, it will be my 17th year in marriage. Although 10 years ago I had a normal pregnancy but I gave birth pre-term at 28 weeks and the baby died after some days.

“The babies are two males and two females. Losing one of the female is the will of God. My family did not believe I was carrying quadruplets but they are joyous when they came.


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