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#BBNaija 2018 Season 3: Tobi Discloses – “I am here for the money”


BBNaija 2018 housemate, Tobi Bakre, told Alex that he is very eager to win the grand prize which is N45million.

In a heart-to-heart session with Alex, he said: “I am here for the money.”

Tobi also agreed his love for her but he revealed it that his love for the grand prize was stronger.

“I like you a lot, Alex. But I am here for the money and I will compete against you for the money.

“However, I will not kill you or do anything that will hurt you for the money.”

Tobi encouraged Alex to be very more competitive, not just for herself but for her entire family as well.

“I look forward to winning the Head of House challenge every time. I am here for the money and every other is extra and important as well.

“Always put your best foot forward. Now that you realize you are doing this not just for you but for yourself and your family, avoid letting negative people affect your vibe,” Tobi added.


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