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#BBNaija Season 3: Cee-C – I was beaten severally by my parents for acting


According to Cee-c, her parents never wanted her to be an actress while she was growing up. It was always a hell in a cell for her.

“I have always been like this; I have always been dramatic,” She stated.

Cee-C told Rico that her favourite moment in her life was when she had to quit her job at the law firm and dive into acting. According to her, she has been enjoying her life ever since and it didn’t take her much time to reach the stardom that she wanted.

While Rico blamed the circumstances as impediments that can stop one from knowing their main talent in time; Cee-C believed that many Parents don’t do enough to push their children towards their dreams.

“We need to be better parents than the ones before us. Our parents didn’t do well. The best thing that can ever happen is for a child to be supported by their parents. I was beaten for acting Drama,” Cee-C said.

She finally enjoined parents to support their children immensely.

“Do all you can for the well being of your child. We can’t understand things as children, only parents can. Do well to support your children in achieving their dreams,” She advised.

Cee-C seems to have her parents’ support of now as she once said her father even gave her a piece of advise while she was coming for the BBNaija show. According to her, it was her father that told her to stay away from any se.xual act in the house and she would also go far if she pretended to be a married woman.


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