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#BBNaija Season 3 Updates: Cee-C Becomes Nervous Seeing Anto Sleeping Beside Tobi at Midnight (Video)


BBNaija housemate, Cee-C, who has been having on and off affair with Tobi, got very nervous when she saw Tobi cuddling Anto as they both slept beside each other.

The midnight scene which was spotted on camera, also showed Cee-c murmuring what could be taken as insults at Tobi who was sleeping and unconscious of what was going on as she left the room to look for another where to sleep.

Here’s the video below;

Just before the Cee-C’s restless side was seen on camera, she had a funny chat in which she ended up telling Tobi to mind his fu.cking business. Tobi who saw Cee-C fixing her eyelashes, asked ‘CeeC are you putting lashes to sleep?’. Cee-C replied by telling him to mind his business which made him laugh, before continuing his conversation with Alex.

Khloe also made an amazing revelation during her conversation with Cee-C and Rico. According to her, she said she has seen 6 used condoms since she got back into the house. Khloe who concluded by making Miracle the scape goat of her disclosure, said ‘it is too much’.

Here’s the video below;

We also saw a video of Anto twerking on camera. Miracle also got a lap dance from Khloe and Anto, and here is it below;

Recall that yesterday we reported that Tobi and Miracle took up a challenge to record a song and post on Anto’s YouTube page, after the TV reality show. The song that has the highest view wins the challenge, and the winner of the challenge will also slap the loser.  Teddy A happens to be the songwriter and the song he composed for Miracle is titled ‘Farome’.

We also reported that Khloe also confronted Nina over a dispute she had with Miracle. According to Khloe, since she came back to the house, Miracle has been giving her shady attitudes and acting up.

However, Nina took this report to Miracle saying she doesn’t want him to have problems with Khloe, who has gone outside the house and also saw the outside world and may even be a fake housemate.

Miracle ended up confronting Khloe and demanded she tells him his wrong to his face. But she never did, claiming it was all in her head. However, viewers at home, think that Khloe is trying to get closer to Miracle since he is popular outside the house.


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