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#BBNaija Season 3: Watch Miracle and Ifu Ennada Performing 10 se.x Positions during Truth and dare (photos/video)


Miracle and Ifu Ennada were asked by fellow housemate during a Truth and Dare game on Sunday night to involve in 10 different se.x positions and they both agreed, humping in front of everyone.

Ex-BBNaija housemate reacted to the BBNaija Saturday House party, say reiterating that she’s the “only boss” of the show.

“BBN Saturday Night party, All I can say is, there’s only every gonna be one TBoss..” She started off her rant, “So I’m watching the BBN Saturday Night party and suddenly I understand why people had the reactions that they did towards me. All I can say is that There can only be 1 Tboss”, she continued,

On Princess, she said; “Big Brother please stop that one that’s putting yogurt on everyone’s lips & Nipples and what not with the same spoon. Omg & now she’s sitting with her butt half exposed. Talk about unsanitary. Yukk! Gross” Eewww! She’s put Tobi’s sweat on another’s lips & had someone else lick it all up! Now K. Brule is nauseous.”

“My Gawddd this one is talking bloody NONSTOP… But how can someone talk soooo much???”


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