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#BBNaija Season 3: Nigerian Guy – Cee-c’s only Crime Was Refusing to Sleep with Tobi


A die-hard fan of Big Brother Naija housemate Cee-c, went to his social media to share his view on what he feels about the various criticism, Cee-c has been receiving from viewers of the Big Brother Show.

Ifeanyi Aneke in a tweet reminded everyone that the only crime she committed was refusing to sleep with Tobi.

He wrote;

“Before we forget, Cee-c‘s only crime was “Refusing to sleep with Tobi live on continental TV and talking some senses into him when he persisted”. What has come over us? When has it become a crime to say no to se.x on TV? My God, what is going on? I’m sad! #BBNaija”

However, some users didn’t agree with him and one even teased him by saying he was watching the show from his WhatsApp status.

This led to various funny argument thereafter, below are the tweets;

Below are some comments on Ifeanyi’s post:

@flexykalmchick: “Ceeci that was looking for d se.x badly😄 Abi it’s Tobi that is dulling her and den instead of feeling like a loser, she decides to blackmail him🙄 winsh pikin”

@superflyalvin: This one is watching big brother India.

@happyemerald: This poster is not watching big brother … Nigerians are angry at cee-c bcos of her character, she is toxic and clueless of peoples emotions. who cares if she has se.x or not.@__giftie: She’s lying.She wen said she’s a virgin naso. Who she dey whyne?

@already_phaemous: This makes no sense… U put a male and female in a confined space for a specific time period of kos they r gonna have feelings for each other, se.x its only normal and natural…smh

@mayaa_98: “Who is this idiot, please. It was Ceec that asked Tobi for se.x and the refused then she blackmailed him. Idiot”

@ije_summer: Dis aneke guy is @##$%%% .only crime ke, plus Tobi never wanted se.x from d short devil.bros d girl get plenty crime.abi na ur cousin??

@hummy_bee: Did u hear Tobi telling her he wants to have se.x with her?….there is no need sef to try to talk bcos this one hasn’t been watching from the beginning

@mzephtee: Warriz dis one saying??🙄wats our business if she sleeps with him or not?? Isslyk u are watching it 4rm WhatsApp status😂🤣😂🤣

@priscaberry: This one is watching d show on Instagram and Twitter! Wee U kip kwayiet der 😠😠 Sounding like a broken drum 😏😏

@nenritgotodok: Cee ci is an insecure girl, if only Tobi played her card she would have had se.x with him, he said he woke up one day n saw her topless by his side, he had to give her his singlet, don’t think you can take advantage of Wat happened today to make her look good

@wendie_nathalie: People attacking this guy are very stupid… if u wanna be cheap and easy be cheap and easy don’t impose it on cee-cee or anyone else!! Kmft


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