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#BBNaija Season 3: Tobi Begs Cee -C after she Went into tears and Kiss Her Passionately


The dramatic romance that took place between the two Housemates Tobi and Cee-c continued yesterday after Big brother told them to dance together to some romantic songs and Cee-C became so emotional. She went into tears and kissed Tobi so passionately.

Their romance got to a climax yesterday after they were both given a task to dance together. As they danced together, she wept profusely, which prompts them to share a passionate kiss. Despite all this, they both lost the task given to them by Biggie.

Later on, Tobi was spotted on camera apologizing to her for conspiring against her. If you can recall, on Sunday, Tobi was given his second strike by Biggie for conspiring to evict Cee-C from the show.

In case you missed it, here is the moment they shared the dance.


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