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BBNaija Winner Miracle – Having Nina around will reduce Closeness of Female Fans


Miracle, who was the winner of this year 2018 edition of the BBNaija TV Reality show, has revealed what he plans to make with his affair with Nina, now that they have both left the house.

Miracle said that Nina’s presence, will reduce the closeness of female fans and her being closed to him will stop females admirers of coming close to him.

Here are excerpts from his interview with Payporte;

Payporte: What is the plan after BB Naija?

Miracle: I’m going for my CPL training, I’m passionate about the aviation industry so that is the first thing I will do

Payporte: Are you going back to Ilorin for your training?

Miracle: No, I will travel out of the country, which is faster it’s just about 3-4 months so I will soon be back.

Payporte: Let’s talk about Nina, how do you feel about her?

Miracle: My relationship with Nina does not change outside the house, we are still good friends. I plan to make good use of the friendship with Nina around at least it will reduce the proximity of female fans and all, with her it is easier to set the barrier. Yes, we are still good friends.

Payporte: Can you guys be together in the future

Miracle: We can be, I have feelings for her but there is time for everything. We are both young now and marriage is not the next thing, the goal is to make money o (laughs). You never can tell what happens sha and I hope you know that I and Nina are from the same state, we are both from Imo state so anything can happen.

Payporte: Speaking of marriage, there are rumours that you are married, how true is that?

Miracle: (laughs) Marriage, why would they even think of that because I wear a ring. I am not married, how old am I that I will be thinking of marriage, I am 23, I don’t have my own house yet and I plan to have 9 figures in my account before I get married. I am not MARRIED!

Payporte: Speaking of 9 figures, how do you plan to stay relevant after winning bb Naija.

Miracle: I plan to be a billionaire and I will work towards it, first all I want to venture into agriculture, agriculture is the future. I plan to work with Dangote and make my billions and another thing I will like to be is a celebrity pilot, the aviation industry is my passion, I’m not joking about being a billionaire.

After Miracle was being interviewed, Cee-c who was the first runner-up of the show, also had her own interview with Payporte and disclosed her regrets, drama and lots more.

Here are excerpts from the interview;

Will you still be friends with Tobi?

Am I allowed to skip questions? but it’s okay, maybe No for now but we don’t tomorrow so I will say yes.

What is the one thing you wish you didn’t do while in the house?

It will be the day I ripped off the cultural costume outfit given by PayPorte, it is an action I’m really sorry about, I guess I didn’t understand the idea behind the outfit so I’m really sorry about that.

You brought drama to the house, with you we don’t know what to expect, how do you feel about that?

I’m glad I was able to bring my best to the house and I enjoyed my stay in the house.

What do you have to say about PayPorte?

PayPorte you guys are amazing, the clothes, the shoes, you even gave us food, you guys rock and then the PayPorte games that one was really nice.

What was your favourite outfit?

That will be 1st party and the grand finale outfit.


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