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BBN’s Bisola – “Having my daughter was the biggest achievement of my life”


EX-BBN 2017 First runner-up, Bisola Aiyeola, had an interview with Inside Nollywood and revealed her biggest achievements in life.

The singer/actress revealed that her greatest achievement was giving birth to her daughter, Leyla.

“I will always say having my daughter was my biggest achievement, then also making my family proud. And as the years go by, God willing, I’ll achieve more and more”, she told Inside Nollywood.

On speculations in some quarters that most female celebrities are not good in the kitchen she said:

“I would not say that a lot of our ladies do not know how to cook these days. I actually think that we need to have a cooking day and you would be amazed at what the ladies would offer. Times are changing; we have technology taking over and everyone is trying to be an entrepreneur. And just because of the long hours that we spend at work, many opt for the restaurants and fast food joints. That does not mean that they cannot cook. As a matter of fact, you would be amazed at the meals that the ladies are cooking these days”.

Recall, the Ex-Big Brother housemate recently shared her preference between a man who’s good in bed and a man who’s rich and not necessarily good in bed.

Bisola, speaking with Broadway TV was particular about her answers as she says she rather be with a man with money over a man who is good in bed.

Asked what she looks out for in a man, his height or his face… she says:

Personally, I’m not about physical qualities… No.. if he can make me laugh, I’m good, I’m good with someone who has a fantastic sense of humour… so I’m not really particular about how he looks, how tall he is, how short he is, his skin complexion, Nah.

When she was asked to be good in bed or to be rich, Bisola said:

If you’re rich, you can buy the goodness of the bed.. (laughs) oh my goodness, I think people overrate this good in bed something, good in bed, after the goodness of the bed, you’re now hungry who that one help? You’ll not even have the strength to be good you know… I’d rather you have the quid, yeah…



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