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Buhari is not a thief, unlike Saraki – Bashir, El-Rufai’ son


Bashir one of the sons of Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufai says that Buhari is not a thief, and that what he has as an edge over Bukola Saraki.

See the tweet and his reply below;


  1. Bashir, I like u becos u get mind talk watin u just talk so many people no go appreciate this ur talk becos u still the feed from the proceeds of that kind thing way u say saraki the do. I remember say when Atiku bring your my mentor come come u guy were not rich the way guys are now. I know so many deals way ur father been d do way no thief ring kind of all of una na dsame motto carry una. Abeg talk if saraki pikin dey here make him respond becos saraki no go respond to children talk even ur father talk self no go provoke saraki becos u father toil. My humble advice to a stupid boy.

  2. No need to reply son of a thief whose brain is no more functioning because of cocain.The money ur father stole & is still stealing,the curses upon ur father & his kids (you in particular) is the reason why u have no iota of shame & respect in ur blood.U,ur father & ur entire family is no match to Saraki’s.Forget how ur accidentally find ur self where u are,ur fall is at the corner

  3. Hmmmmmmm youths we are been seperated by some selfish elders or leaders, am very sure some of you guys are taking this to another level, most of us server in different state during our NYSC. And the puporse of service is to aquare more knowledge and to create a way of uniting as nigerians but now evrything has been stoped the good relationship is no more ,reapect for elders and leaders has fallen apart,and soome selfish leaders who’s mission are to cause artificial problems eg religious crises and tribal wahala in the society are succeeding while the masses with narrow thinking are still killing each other. Pls lets say np to any form of violence. Am a nother and i wish i can be called only a nigerian, i stand for peace and to see the development of nigeria . Godbless Me,you,nigerian and nigerians. Togerther we stand……..

  4. Even if his father talk,bukola will never answer him, come to talk of the son that lack home training. You left your father’s problem and face bukola just because he is interested in contesting. What is the problem in showing interest in what he likes?

  5. All this children that lack home training. Ur insulting someone that is older, intelligent and richer than your father and your community. Idiot.


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