Home Gist “I caught my friend sleeping with his 13 year old daughter”

“I caught my friend sleeping with his 13 year old daughter”


Long story short…..I have a friend who lives with his 13 yr old daughter…… Recently a female friend who is a neighbor called me and told me the little girl confided in her that the father is harassing her se.xually.

I was shocked but sometimes I stay in there home I used to notice some funny moves but I couldn’t place my finger on it cos it all seems to me like Father and daughter love.

I couldn’t ask the little girl cos I wanted to have a proof. Recently I came visiting and he started that rough play as usual but because I was already tipped as a result I was at Alert. I quickly told him I was going to the shop…..

But I didn’t go anywhere I came back immediately and went straight to the window. I saw him bouncing on top of her. The expression on her face broke my heart she is not happy.

I called that female neighbor and told her what I saw…..we told a friend we all questioned the little girl she confirmed it to be true.

Now, what do we do? We planned to confront the father is this the best step to take?

I just want him to stop.


  1. Please, kindly report the case to Esther Child’s Right Foundation at no 91 Abeokuta Express Way, Pako Dopemu, that girl needs to be rescued immediately, it is a very sensitive issue and not something to be shielded or silent about, that child may have been infected, andd we pray he has not impregnated her yet, we will take it up, Don’t worry you won’t spend a kobo for anything, call 07060961632

  2. Please, kindly report the case to Esther Child’s right Foundation, we are at no 91, Abeokuta Express Way, Pako Dopemu
    We will take it from there
    Don’t worry about spending any money, all services are free of charge
    This is a very sensitive issue,you can’t afford to be quiet about it, you don’t know how many minors(girls) he has been defiling like that, that girl is at risk, he may have infected her already, she will never forget such an experience, please if you can’t come to the office, Call this number 07060961632, we won’t mind making a move to rescue the girl as soon as possible, let’s not be silent about such animalistic behaviour, we just succeeded in arresting a man who has been defiling his six years daughter, it is not something to be tolerated


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