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CDQ – If I Marry An Entertainer, Who Will Take Care Of Our Kids?


Nigerian Rapper, Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf, fondly called CDQ, says it has become so hard for him to get a girlfriend in the entertainment industry.

The rapper, who completed his apartment in Lagos recently, told Sunday Scoop that he wished he had a serious relationship before he became famous.

He said, “For now, I am still observing. I don’t plan to marry anytime soon. I feel I will get married when God says it is the right t for me. Getting a wife would have been easier for me if I had a girlfriend before I became CDQ; I think about that a lot.

When different ladies are interested in you, you must be wise because you don’t know their true intention.

Most girls, who like musicians, are only in love with their music, not the personalities. But I cannot marry an entertainer. Who will take care of the kids when we both need to go for shows? I don’t think love is blind enough for me to ignore certain things.”

Speaking about how he came to fame, he said, “When I wanted to leave my bank job, it was a tough decision for me, but my producer, Masterkraft, told me that I could not survive with the money I was getting from the bank.

You know when you don’t have money to do things, you would doubt your talent. I thank Masterkraft because he made me believe in myself. He assured me that things would work out for me if I could put in my best and I’m happy that things worked out.”


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