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China will not give Nigeria loan again if you keep probing – Amaechi to lawmakers


Rotimi Amaechi, the Honorable Minister of Transportation, has warned the house of representatives committee on treaties and agreements against continuing the probe on loan agreement between Nigeria and China. 

The Minister who noted that the federal government requested $500 million from the Chinese government to finance some rail projects across the country particularly in the south-east, asked for suspension of the probe till the loan is secured. 

Amaechi also said that some sections of the country will suffer if China refuses to give Nigeria loan to complete ongoing projects. 

He said;

“I have said here to the house, and it is a pity that I’m saying it in public, this government, outside Nigeria, they are sensitive to what you say. Nobody is stopping you from your investigation and no government from outside Nigeria can stop you from doing it. 

“We are saying that Nigeria has applied for three loans already. For Port Harcourt-Maiduguri (eastern rail line), the minister of finance told me that she was stopped and told that the next borrowing plan would not be approved unless you get Port Harcourt-Maiduguri. Port Harcourt-Maiduguri goes through the south-east and the north-east.

“The only south-south town is Port Harcourt. We are about to apply for a loan. They will not grant that loan. Then you summoned us back to the House to ask why we are constructing Lagos-Kano and we are not constructing Port Harcourt-Maiduguri.

“Can we be allowed to get this loan? Then you can summon us, not to start what you are doing and the whole process will then be stopped.

“My fear is that at the end of the day, some sections of this country will suffer if they stop giving us loans; two projects that will suffer: the first one is Lagos-Ibadan (rail line), we have not finished disbursement.

“We are asking for a loan to commence work from Ibadan to Kano. The day they (China) say ‘the government is not supporting the loans you people are taking, we are no longer giving you,’ that is the end of the project.”

“The economy of this country can only be propelled by transportation. We don’t mind this investigation but can we please shift it to December or January when we would have possibly taken these loans. 

“Once we get these loans, chairman, turn me upside down, I will answer you.There are rumblings up there in China and there are loans we have asked for.

“If your government is not in agreement with this – don’t forget that there are all sorts of allegations against China here and there – we can stop. The moment it is stopped, the following things will happen – Lagos-Ibadan is not completed.”


  1. It is said that the guilty are afraid. What is Amaechi afraid of in the probe of loan from China. I thought some time ago, he said that he does not know what they call corruption.
    A probe is to ascertain if things are done properly/right. If they have soiled their hands in the loans they took to mortgage Nigeria to China, let the breeze blow so that the backside of the fowl will be seen.

  2. Ameaechi is a very stupid man to think that all Nigerians are gullible.
    See, this country doesn’t need loan from China or any body, if we can manage what God has bless us with very well.
    It’s because of thieves like him that’s why we are where we are.
    He is afraid that it will soon get to his turn in the probing.
    I’ve never been so proud of our Senate like I do now.
    Ride on @senate
    Proudly Nigerian
    We are going no where
    We die here!


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