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Congolese Lady Was sacked Because She Reported White Co-worker for se.xual Advances in U.K


A Congolese lady who was a victim of se.xual advancement in a company she was working in the United Kingdom, has gone on Twitter to share how she lost her job after she reported her white co-worker who was making se.xual advances to her.

According to @Diamsraven, she was told by the company that they will try and look for a way to provide a solution based on the incident, however, she was called to the office after a few days ago and was sacked. She further revealed that the older man who harassed her had earlier been reported to authorities by two other women who also left the job.

Here are the tweets from the Congolese lady;

“3 weeks ago, I reported a much older co-worker for se.xual harassment, was told something was going to be done about it (nothing was done) Today I got called to the office thinking that we were going to discuss the issue, instead I’ve been fired from my post.

Nothing in that meeting addressed anything I reported. Instead, they all of a sudden feel that I’m not “right” for the post

I’m so angry. Not because I lost my job but because it took a lot out of me to report this man. I was scared that I would lose my job but I did it anyway knowing his long history with other female colleagues at our post and their similar complaints which has gone unheard

Have also found out the two female colleagues who had reported him had since left the post with no notice whilst I was away.

I have just been informed (with screenshot conversations where he was laughing at the fact that he was already informed of my firing) that the person I had reported was made aware that I would be fired from my post before I even knew anything about it.

I didn’t have many quarrels with my manager but this is highly unprofessional & just further lets me know that I wasn’t fired because I was not right for the job but because she favours a pervert instead

It is sickening to me how another woman (especially a mother) can literally treat another woman like shit for fighting for women’s rights”


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