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Corps Members gives advice – “HND holders burn your useless certificates and start selling tomatoes”


A corp member has kindled the anger of HND certificate holders after he stated they should burn their ‘useless certificates and start tomatoes’ selling in his Facebook post.

According to him, he made the statement via his social media post because the certificate is as good as useless, however, HND holders had replies for him.

He wrote:

“If you are an HND Holder, please go and burn your certificate. It’s useless in Nigeria today…

In the long run, only the BSc holders will be relevant soon. So don’t bother wasting your time in polytechnic again, go and sell tomatoes.

Let me add this quickly…

It’s only the poor HND holders that are busy defending themselves and the poor certificate simply because they know I just made an exposition of the bitter truth….

So if it pains you ehh, come and beat me again…”

See screenshot exchange from some users below:


  1. Am really disappointed in your post, and you claim to be a graduate, i don’t even know how you manage to graduate, may be with full of carry overs (c/o)? only God’s know. Do you think to be reach is by HND, Bsc, Msc or Phd of course you know the best answer that suit you. Education is just an edge. You can be a primary holder and God can turn you something BIG to the extend that professors can work under you and you paid them.
    Pls i urge you to withdrew your statement which you have posted if not, it will serve as grave mistake in your life.

  2. I had my HND in Applied Chemistry in the 1990s, worked in 3 seperate Computer firms. After 8 years work experience, and acquring Two Postgraduate Diplomas within the 8 years, The last computer firm I worked for employed me from Lagos, posted me to Abuja, with official accommodation, official car, official driver and paid medical expenses for myself, wife and 4 kids as Abuja Branch Manager. I had B.Sc holders and wait for this , M.Sc holders reporting to me. I forgot to add that at the interview that got me the Branch Mgr’s job, I beat other candidates, including B.Sc, and MBA holders to it. Companies are more interested in what you know and particularly what you can do for them, not some piece of paper called certificate. I left the company to run my own company, in April this year. My word to HND holders, believe in yourself and what you can do. DO YOU KNOW Oil companies, computer companies, Audit/Accounting firms employ more HND holders than B.Sc holders, because those are industries where practical skills, not empty grammer, are needed. Government Agencies & Banks go for B.Sc Holders. I rest my Case.

  3. Maybe you are not fortunate to get a job with yours.Stop discouraging others.I got a job with my HND Certificate and d pay is good.


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