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A Corpse of a Man That Was Severely Murdered and Dumped on The Street of Lagos (Graphic image)


An unidentified young man has been found dead on the street of Lagos after being inflicted with numerous machete cuts. It was also assumed that he bled to death.

Some reporters learnt that the lifeless body of the man was found near a deadly black spot at Aboye Street in Ejigbo, Lagos. This spot is famous for cultism and other criminal act.

Although the victim identity is still not known, some of the residents assume that he must have been murdered at a different location, before he was being brought down to that area.

According to people that reside within the locality, they woke up in the morning to see a lifeless body which was still bleeding from the several machete cuts that severed its body. They also revealed that they ran a check and saw that his face was not familiar in the area.

Based on this, they concluded that he might have been killed somewhere before his dead corpse was being dumped there. When the residents took a report to the police at Ejigbo Division, some policemen went there, retrieved the body, and took the mortuary for an autopsy report.

When P.M Express correspondent visited Ejigbo Police Station, Lagos, the DPO was not available to make a comment on the incident. However, a police source has backed the incident and disclosed that the police have long commenced the investigation into the matter. The source stated that the police were working on two different premises which involved cult activity and being a victim of armed robbery attack.

It was gathered that so far, nobody has come out to claim the dead corpse of the man. This shows that after some weeks in the morgue, the corpse might be taken along with other dead corpses for mass burial, and his relations may not have access to it again. The police said that no arrest has been made yet in connection with the death.


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