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Couple Take Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in A Private Jet (Photos)


Wale Omoyiola, which is the groom is a Wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Nigeria, While the Bride Oiza Maiyaki described Herself as a Vision Helper.

They both shared photos below with the caption;

 “As I stepped out from the church after a fireful service, Oiza gave me the news that got me so excited, I will be getting married soon and you will be the lead photographer.

Oiza is my greatest photography fan, how shall I do this oooo sweet Jesus.”

Read their love story below;

“I met him after I resumed a new job, he just got the job too. He was given a huge pay at the office and he gave me the money to hold for him, I wondered why it must be me when there are other beautiful ladies there. (Somebody says hold something).

Prior to that time, someone told me my year will be characterized by love, could it be, could it just be?

Godwin: I took interest in her from the first day I met her and have been asking her stylishly to marry me, at a point I noticed she was absent from the office kitchen for 4days, but she wouldn’t give me a reason. I knew she was fasting and praying

Oiza: He said something I will not forget easily. He told me, you are fasting for what God has already done.
In June he proposed and here we are today, Godwin is “Holding Something”I love these two lovebirds and so we thought of a private jet shoot.”

More photos below:



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