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Court orders the arrest of Senator Hope Uzodinma


Justice Abdulwahab Mohammed of the Grade 1 Area court, Kubwa Abuja, ordered the police to arrest Senator Hope Uzodinma (representing Orlu Zone, Imo West), today and produce him before next Thursday, September 25. The order was given following his failure to attend court to respond to a direct criminal complaint pending against him.

“Pursuant to Section 131 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015, a bench warrant is hereby issued against Senator Hope Uzodinma in view of his failure to attend court to answer to the complaint pending against him,” the judge said.

The complain was issued against Uzodinma and his two companies by Chitex Ventures Ltd and Chima Akuzie, who claimed that the Senator issued them a N200 million UBA dud cheque (bounced cheque).


  1. Wonders shall never end in Nigeria. I don’t know whether I am the only one concerned about the ways our judiciary is handling the cases of the corrupt people. All the problems the country is having now emanated from overlooking most serious behaviour of our ruling class who feel they are above the law.
    The other day when the President said there is no rule of law in the country and many things have to be done without applying the rule of law. The body of lawyers flared up and started faulting the President on what he said. Has there been any rule of law in Nigeria? Let the lawyers answer this question because they are the custodian of law and Justice. All the wrongs that are going on the country especially those committed by the politicians are caused and perpetrated at the inefficiency of the lawyers who failed to follow the rule law they are defending.
    Can anyone imaging Saraki whose case of corruption had been dragging on for more than three years now be boasting about to be the best candidate Nigeria will ever have if voted to power. Then One will wonder what rules are the lawyers using for their practice. Is it the law in the Constitution or the general law using by other advance countries where the rule of law is glaringly practiced?.
    Is it right in law for Saraki to declare as a Presidential candidate while still Acting as Senate president. Hawking his new ambition from place to place , how is he legislating as a senate President.? He so enjoyed the backing of judiciary that they said he cannot be impeached or be removed as Senate president.
    How can any country occupied by sane people allow a person like Saraki who had committed so much atrocities in the past and continue to commit unheard of crimes to be presenting himself as a Presidential candidate if not where the judiciary is toothless and corrupt. He still has case in court that the lawyers have not deemed fit to give judgement to. So where is the rule of law our lawyers are claiming.
    I am using this medium to call on the masses to use this election opportunity to determine the cases of people like Saraki and others by not wasting their votes on them. If the judiciary failed to fight for us we should fight on our own through our votes to banish the bad eggs shielded by the lawyers. Remember if a thief or a manipulator is voted to be our President, we would not expect anything different from how he will govern us.
    And we should continue to pray to God to give us good lawyers who will be doing their jobs effectively without fear or favour.


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