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COVID-19 gave us opportunity to see the result of failed leadership in Nigeria – Peter Obi


Mr Peter Obi, former Governor of Anambra state, has said that Coronavirus has exposed years of leadership failure in Nigeria. 

The former Vice Presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) made this statement at a virtual event tagged ‘The Global Economy: Adapting to the New Normal’ and organised by Bridge Leadership Foundation. 

Obi who stated that the process of selecting leaders in the country is weak, added that recent events in the country shows ”lunatics have taken over the asylum”.

He said; 

“COVID-19 offered us an opportunity to see the result of cumulative failure of leadership over the years. It is time for persons who are competent to lead. 

“Nigeria has time to realise that we now have to change the process of selecting our leaders because it is weak. If you look at what has been happening in Nigeria in recent times, we are now in a situation where the lunatics have taken over the asylum and they must leave now – all of us, including myself. It is time to get people who have ideas and everything.

“A situation where we have people in leadership who are incapable of learning new things has to change. Nigeria don’t need leadership who are trapped in the processes of yesterday, we want those who have something to offer for tomorrow.

“In a society where people have excelled, they have achieved such because they have being given an opportunity. When we are talking about the new normal, we also have to look at our environment. We need to start thinking differently about those that govern us also.”


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