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Covid-19 test is free, but you’ll pay for it if you are travelling in and out of the state – Lagos state govt


Oreoluwa Finnih, the Senior Special Assistant to the Lagos state governor on Health matters, has said that COVID19 testing is free in Lagos state government-owned hospitals.

She came out to make the clarification after some Nigerians who came in from Dubai stated on Twitter that they were made to pay N45, 000 for the test that was never carried out.

While reacting to the allegations via Twitter, Finnih said the tests are free at the state government hospitals for patients with the symptoms but those who are traveling out or into the state are expected to pay for the test.

Read her tweets below;

”Sooo I’m seeing orisirisi on the timeline. Covid-19 testing is free, at the government labs… if you have symptoms of covid. If you’re travelling out or in you need to pay. If you’re travelling in you need to have taken a test maximum 96 hrs before you return.

You also need to pay for a repeat test that you’ll take 7 days after arrival. The reason is simple… Incubation. You’re supposed to isolate for the 7 days after arrival then test before you mingle. Things can change between test 1 and test 2.

There are very few countries that will test willy-nilly. No one can afford it, PCR testing is incredibly expensive. It’s best we abide by laid down guidelines which are for the public good and safety. Belly aching solves nothing.”she tweeted


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