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COZA is not a church – Dr Joe Abah


Dr Joe Abah said COZA is not a church and he went ahead to explain what he thinks the religious community is.

Abah, who was the Head of the Bureau for Public Sector Reform from 2013 to 2017, tweeted this following the outcry on Twitter resulting from a video where Davido was seen promoting a COZA program.

Davido responded, revealing he had been hoodwinked and didn’t know what the video was for. Afterwards, the woman who got Davido to do the video admitted that Davido had no idea it was to promote a COZA program.

As Twitter users kept debating the latest issue involving COZA, Dr Joe Abah tweeted: “COZA stands for Commonwealth of Zion Assembly. It’s an assembly, not a church. There’s a difference between the two.”


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