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Debate on Social Media – Washing the dirty Plates in your Man’s house set you apart


So, there’s a debate on Social Media that’s trending, and there have been divided views on the topic.

It all started from a post where a lady shared a picture of a kitchen littered with plates in the “kitchen sink”, and then urged ladies to do the “needful” if they one day meet their man’s kitchen with dirty plates that way.

The post reads; “If you’re a woman and walk into a man’s house and see this, do something about it, if you want him to look at you different it don’t cost nothing and it will set you apart, I promise”.

It, of course, has turned into a trending debate, and some comments read;

hillary_buggs: “It’s not my house …ur house ur plates! If m gonna wash it it’s because I want to ..not because it would set me apart !”

mjfoodnlove: See all am saying is don’t condition women and not condition men if a man/woman wants neatness from their partner he/she should be able to keep a neat environs also.And if u are saying it’s the responsibility of the woman’s to wash dishes den I knw u re just a misogynist.

woshboss: This is actually disgusting. If am the woman……he better come wash the plates. What sort of rada rada dirty man is this except he has his reasons sha. Meanwhile….as a man, if woman like wash plates from Lagos to Kafachan, if we no like u, we no like you

manni_ocakes: Oh my gosh!!! If I see this in his house it’ll let me know he’s filthy or whatever. After all, if he sees dirty dishes in my sink would he help me clean them??

oyin_bee: A male friend has done this for me before. I was ill and piled up plates used in buying food. He came to visit, saw my kitchen and cleared it up. I would do same for him or any close friend in a heartbeat.

queen______jackie: As a maid that you hired abi. I have gone to a guys house and met heaps of dishes, I washed all, in fact, I cleaned the whole damn kitchen including the house severally, at that time he’ll tell you how much he appreciates you blah blah blah if his friends are around they’ll be shouting *our wife* anyhow but the irony is he still cheated on me with a girl that doesn’t know how to sweep. My point being if you like do all the chores in this world for him if he wants to cheat….he will. Chores, se.x, money and even love most times doesn’t keep a man that has made up his mind to cheat so poster leave the matter for mama Mathias.

miss_talithamor: I am gonna call him out, call him dirty and unkept… Make him feel so uncomfortable next time I am coming over he better clean up that mess can’t marry a dirty dude…I can’t be keeping it together for a man who can’t wash his own dishes… Besides why the plates so many?.

mz_butch: Sometimes you’d wash and he would think you are desperate.

onyeka1759: lol not that too serious I can even yab my fellow guy and later help him wash ..can do so for a lady..but all the same will tell em biko try to be clean madam and oga.


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