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Don’t mistake easing of lock down as the end of coronavirus – Boss Mustapha


Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) and Chairman of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, Mr Boss Mustapha has warned Nigerians against having the thoughts that the eased restriction which President Buhari announced, is the end of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Mustapha while speaking on Thursday at the daily briefing of the task force, said security operatives will be strictly enforcing health guidelines aimed at combating the spread of Coronavirus during the eased restriction. 

He also added that a copy of the guidelines will be published in the media so every Nigerian will get to know their role in helping to curb the spread of Coronavirus. 

Mustapha said; 

“As we approach the commencement of the first of a three-phased easing of lockdown from Monday, May 4th,2020, it is important that Nigerians receive and digest the implementation guidelines.

“It is also important for States, Law enforcement Agents, trade associations, employers, businesses and citizens to understand their roles, obligations and responsibilities.

“Above all, we must understand that this is still a war against an unseen and potent enemy. No one should mistake the easing of restrictions for permission to act without care. The Security Agents have been instructed to respect the rights of citizens while also ensuring strict enforcement.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the Press, as you know, our National Response is driven by strong collaboration with the sub-national levels of government. In this, I am glad to mention that Lagos State has already adapted these implementation guidelines, while other states are also expected to follow suit shortly”, Mustapha said.


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