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Drama between actress Mimi and a popular Instagram troll


Actress Mimi Orjiekwe replied a popular IG troll, Bold Pink, after she trolled her over an Instagram photo of her drinking champagne from a wooden table in a car.

In a shade post addressed to Mimi, the controversial Instagram user had written ‘only in Nigeria, sis what is the table doing there? lol #luxury lifestyle. Some Nigerian celebrities lol giving us local luxury lifestyle.’

Actress Mimi Orjiekwe served it right back to troll, Bold Pink that she must be presentable if she wants to be noticed. The mother of one added that the ‘notorious’ Instagram user ‘will never get to where she is going in the next 30 years.’

She wrote “@bold_pink bit.ch you wanna use me to trend .. I will help you.. first of all how did u drag your fat self to my page???I’m pretty sure Mum didn’t teach you if you have nothing to say don’t say anything at all.. secondly you need to resume work out or stop eating too much.. or go for a Lipo.. you must be presentable if you wanna be noticed ..in my village we call your type Aribo .. you see that table is someone’s business ….. in your next 30 years you won’t get close to where I’m headed .. you’re lucky I’m busy today.. Get busy too Ugly Betty … I’m living my best life .. Period .. you should try that sometimes .. now sharaapppp”


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