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Ebuka Shows Gratitude to Viewers and Receives Some Accolades From his Spouse


Following the conclusion of the BBNaija show, Ebuka went to Instagram to appreciate everybody who made the #BBNaija the biggest show on the African continent.

Ebuka also appreciated his wife Cynthia and his beloved daughter, Jeweluchi, who he has barely had time for this year, for always being there for him while he was on the Big Brother show.

Here’s what he wrote;

“A huge thank you to everyone who made #BBNaija #DoubleWahala the BIGGEST Big Brother season yet on the CONTINENT. The voting numbers each week were mind blowing. We smashed ratings records beyond expectations and I’m super grateful to have been a part of it and even more grateful that you guys came on the journey with us. Thank you!!!
And to Onyeka and Jeweluchi who have barely seen me this year, you’re my real heroes!!! Can never thank you guys enough for your constant love and emotional support throughout this journey. Thank you so so much!!!
Now let’s enjoy our short and quiet time away together ”

Ebuka’s wife, Cynthia, on the other hand, praised her husband for his composure on the TV reality show even when rumours about hidden agendas were trending on social media. According to Cynthia, who also noted that she is a huge fan of Miracle, says her husband’s work ethic and dedication inspire her every day.

Here’s what she wrote;

“It’s all over ! And my miracle won!
Special shoutout to my darling husband, you were nothing short of amazing. Your work ethic and dedication inspire me every day. You kept your head High despite foolish rumours. You’ve handled everything thrown at you with such grace. Only if I was half as graceful as you are.
Let’s not forget how well you slayed effortlessly week after week. I’m teaching you well.😬😂
Anyway cheers to a successful season. I wish you an even brighter year with more gigs and endorsements! . Major shout out to everyone who encouraged you and supported you through this season.
On to the next !”



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