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Emenike asked to Tied The Knot to a Dead Woman he Got Impregnated


A young man known as Emenike has placed himself in hot soup, after he got a lady pregnant who was known as Emerie, without paying her bride price.

Sources have it that Emenike got impregnated Emerie, and she passed away during childbirth as a result of several birth complications. The baby was saved.

News of the ugly incident which happened at FESTAC town area of Lagos, which was also where they both resided before the occurrence, has spread every nook and cranny of the locality.

The lovers both met in Lagos and stayed together, but Emerie was said to possess some properties. The young man was from Ngor Okpala while the deceased is from Owerri town, all in Imo State.

We gathered that when Emerie was still in the land of the living, she had advised her lover Emenike to go to see her family and carry out the normal marital rite since they were both living together.

He vowed to go and pay her bride price but he never did. He had continued to postpone the date till he impregnated her, and nothing was done.

It was learnt that they had both had an agreement that since she was pregnant, everything necessary thing will be done after the deceased must have delivered, as it was improper to walk down the aisle with a pregnant woman, according to their tradition and culture.

Sadly, the plan did not go out as Emerie had several complications and passed away while she was about to deliver her baby, and her dead body was deposited at an unidentified mortuary.

Being confused on where to bury her, Emenike went to her family to inform them about what occurred. They told him that he cannot put her six feet as his wife. Emenike’s family members accused him also and later went to the deceased family so that he can plead on his behalf.

They implored them that since the baby was still alive, they should take Emenike, and accept him as their in-law and then other marriage rites can be performed.

Reports say both families have agreed that Emenike will have to properly marry the late Emerie according to their culture before he will be allowed to bury her and also inherit her properties and he accepted their condition.


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