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“EPL Clubs Are Stronger Than La Liga Clubs In Europe” Says Ernersto Valverde


Ernesto Valverde believes it is time for Premier League clubs to grow in strength and says they are stronger than La Liga teams in the Uefa Champions League.

Spanish clubs had been in control in the Champions League for the previous years, with Barcelona and Madrid winning the UCL cup for the last four years.

Sevilla has also controlled the Europa League, but Chelsea, City, United, Liverpool, and Tottenham, who beat Madrid lately are flying high in the UCL.

And when was asked whether he thinks premier league teams have made themselves a force to reckon with again, Ernesto Valverde was unequivocal in his response.

“Certainly I do, yes,” the Spanish coach told reporters on Friday. “The English teams haven’t been able to dominate that much recently.

“I was going to say in Europa League too, but United won last year.

“English clubs will always be there or thereabouts. They have lots of money, great players, and history of football.

“I don’t think we need to interpret that as Spain’s team are weaker. Last year Spanish teams were stronger, this season they [English clubs] are.

“It’s probably been the most illogical thing that English clubs have struggled in recent years.”


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