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Evangelist Awuzie to Bishop Oyedepo – Your curse on herdsmen will not work just as your curse on boko haram failed


Evangelist Charles Awuzie wrote an open letter to Bishop David Oyedepo in which he advised him to do more for Nigeria than just lay curses.

His open letter came after a prayer said by Bishop David Oyedepo this morning at the Covenant Hour of Prayer was shared on Facebook. Oyedepo cursed Fulani herdsmen killing innocent Nigerians during the prayer.

Read his letter below.


  1. Oyedepo has a wrong impression of himself. He thinks he is closer to God than any of us. Gods works on principles and no body has understood GOD properly. God likes the way this world is, otherwise He knows what to do.

    • Guess what, if all preachers of today were like our truthful brother up in the article, imagine how beautiful 21st century Christianity would be…of course today’s Christians, pushed along by their material preachers are rather more interested in fighting imaginery enemies and chasing wealth such that their understanding of the bible is a comedy to SATAN himself.
      …Thank you Charles Awuzie.
      …At least with guys like you, there is heavenly hope for our current from of unbiblical Christianity!


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