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Evicted Housemate Ifu Ennada – I wasn’t ra.ped by CDQ, I’ll Expose the Culprit Soon


Ifu Ennada had at one time said that she was molested by an unidentified Nigerian entertainer.  In which many people assumed that she was referring to Indigenous Rapper CDQ since the both of them was already involved in a previous clash.

But she has come out to clear the rapper and also mentioned that the real culprit will soon be exposed.

When Sunday Scoop asked her to mention the rapist, Ifu Ennada refused but said that it was not CDQ.

“I was the one who was ra.ped and I didn’t talk about it until recently. When I am ready to reveal the rapist’s identity, I will do so. For now, it is no one’s business. I don’t know what gave people the impression that it was CDQ.  I didn’t mention CDQ’s name. I don’t understand people,” she added.

Some people said that she shared her molestation story in order to gain sympathy or popularity, she said:

“Do I look like one who needs the sympathy of people? Only foolish people would think I put out my story for publicity. Right from the first day I came back to Nigeria, I said I wanted to release a short film, Broken Virgin. Then, Big Brother was yet to announce that two people would return to the reality show. I had already started doing graphics; posters for my short film. People who have been following me know the truth; people who don’t know me can say rubbish. Why should anyone use her ra.pe story as a joke or play?”

She, however, revealed that she would have wanted to go back to the BBNaija house when the door was made opened for evicted housemates to be voted back into the show.

“It has not been very smooth since leaving BBNaija, but it has been good. I miss the house; sometimes I miss the diary session with Big Brother and I miss the Saturday night parties.

I wished I was one of the two persons who returned to the house. I even campaigned for people to vote for me and my people tried for me, but I didn’t make it. I had the third highest vote. Though I am aware that people felt the voting process was tampered with, I don’t believe that. I feel they showed us how the people truly voted.” She said


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