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Ex-Minister of Ngozi Okonji-Iweala Reveals Her Antagonists in The Fight Against Corruption


Ex-Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala disclosed how oil importers and marketers wanted to make her sit in a wheelchair.

She alleged that the marketers wanted to propel her out of office during the time she was the minister of finance under ex-President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. According to her, she heard the information when a friend to one of her brothers that attended a meeting where the discussion was being held.

She said the friend advised her brother that security officers should be all around her.

She said

“My mother’s ordeal was not the end of frightening events that occurred in late 2012 and early 2013.

“A few months after my mother’s escape, I had just wrapped up a meeting late one afternoon when my cellphone rang. It was again my brother, Onyeama.

“My first thought was that something else had gone wrong in the family. He frantically asked me, ‘where are you, where are you?’

“I was surprised and I said I was in my office. He said I needed to immediately seek additional security and I must vary my route for travel.

“I asked what was wrong and my brother told me a very strange story. One of my brother’s old friend had just called him to say he had just left a secret meeting where the subject was to inflict maximum physical damage on me, just short of killing me.

“The agreement reached in this meeting was to attack me in a way that I would end up paralysed and bound to a wheelchair and forced to leave the Finance ministry.

“The meeting was held by a group of oil importers and marketers to whom the Federal Government ‘owed money’. It was held in the house of the chair and owner of one of the oil marketing companies.

‘’They were angry I was withholding the subsidy payments that they thought were owed them for their refined petroleum imports.

“My brother’s friend participated in this meeting but felt what was being planned was unjust and cruel and I did not deserve it.”


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