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Facebook user says – “Adekunle Gold, Adewale Adeleke and Simi are simply stupid”


A Facebook user by name Newage Abundance has gone on the Dorcas Shola Fapson’s ra.pe Story personal as he summoned Adekunle Gold, Simi and Adewale Adeleke for criticizing people for backing the taxify driver.

Read his reactions below.

 “Adekunle Gold, Simi and Adewale Adeleke just proved to the whole world how stupid, naive and partial they are, just imagine Adekunle Gold referring to a human beings as animals just because their views are different from yours and just imagine the way Simi and Adewale Adeleke are busy shutting people up just because they are speaking their mind. I don’t understand, are you guys trying to say everybody is stupid and that we can’t reason things properly?

Are you guys trying to say you are right and we all are wrong simply because you are a celebrity and have a small change in your pocket?

Are you guys trying to say that we don’t have the right to defend an innocent young man that is about to lose his daily bread because of a false accusation?”

“Now I see that you are all the same as the politicians who don’t want the masses to voice their right simply because they feel they have to power to shut them up, Now its obvious that the way the rich treat the poor is no different from the way these corrupt politicians treat the masses.

Who gave you guys the right to shut people up?

They say when everybody is saying the same thing then there is an element of truth in the matter, how can everyone that have read the story and watch the video keep saying her accusations are false yet the three of you have the audacity to shut people up? Are you guys trying to say you’re more intelligent than the rest of us in Nigeria?”

Well now that the three of you have shown us your stupidity, the thunder that will fire you people is still doing warm up, stupid celebrities… Right now I’m going to delete all of your songs from my phone, such a nonsense!”


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