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Fayose says Ekiti state is suffering from ‘Hunger Haram’


The Governor of Ekiti State Ayodele Fayose on Tuesday said the Federal Government should pay rapt attention to the sufferings of the people in Ekiti State and it called the situation as Hunger Haram.

He made this pronouncement after an emergency meeting of the Governors Forum and Speakers of State House of Assembly after the Governors Forum has given the Federal Government approval to spend the sum of $1billion to tackle insurgency, a decision which has sparked several criticisms.

Fayose who has distanced himself from this decision suggested that the $1billion insurgency funds should be shared by all the state governors for them to tackle their challenges effectively adding that Ekiti State is confronted by numerous challenges including hunger and kidnapping.

“Every state has its own peculiarities in terms of security. Ekiti has hunger haram where hunger is catching people everywhere. A lot of people are being kidnapped daily.

“They (the FG) either vote money for me from the $1billion or we share the money for everyone to go and solve their problem. I have challenges and I have to be left to handle my challenges. They should give me Ekiti money,” he said.

He said further the decision of the Federal Government to spend such amount in tackling insurgency will be questioned by the people of Ekiti state as they have approached the court.

“My state, we have approached the court for justice, because it is our legitimate right. All accruals to the Federal Account must be shared by all the three tiers of government. For me to get justice, I have to go to court, and I have gone to court,” he said.


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