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Federal government reduces registration fees of JAMB and SSCE


Federal government reduced the examination registration fees for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Senior Secondary and Basic Education Certificate.

Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu disclosed this at the end of the Federal Executive Council meeting on Wednesday.

JAMB fee for the UTME is reduced from 50000, to 3500, the Senior Secondary School(SSS)fee will now be N9,850 instead of N11,350 and the Basic Education certificate by NECO will now be N4,000 instead of N5,500…. .

The new charges will take effect from January, 2019.


  1. How Can Any Sane Person Be Happy With This? How Long Are We Going To Continue Like This? If This Was Right They Would Not Be Collecting Money in The First Place And Would Have Made It Mandatory for All Higher Institution Of Learning. Jamb Should Not Even Exist In The First Place. Universities Should Be Left To Conduct Their Examinations Themselves that Way Every Student Has a Higher Chance Of Gaining Admission Early Instead Of The one Option Jamb Gives Us Every year. We Need To Open Our Eyes, The Country Belongs To Us And Not To One person Or A Group Of People. Free, Sound And Quality Education Is Our Birthright!!!

  2. Thanks and well done Baba (mai gaskiya) more grease to your elbow.
    The Baba I know will certanily do more than this with time

  3. The Federal Government have not done anything spectacular in the fee reduction. It only made effort to increase its non performance profile. The reduction of the fees charged before now by the examination bodies by only N1500 is too cosmetic. The parents will still pay these deductions before the process of registration for the examinations. The Federal Government should make the fees for the examinations free. A reduction of between .1% to .03% is meaningless to any parent who had seen his/her child through by the fees in the school up the point of writing a final or a tertiary entrance examination will not see any relieve as he / she had been able to pay the fees from the already overtaxed income which went to the government. Who are we deceiving? It is of non effect. They have failed again in announcing a nonsensical policy. ..Etop Sampson, Abuja.

  4. Why people are getting admission into Private university without writing JAMB? or because private universities are 4 children of rich while public are 4 those who are from poor background family. If it is like that, we the poor people are being cheated because we are annually registering JAMB and last year JAMB realized about 11.9 billion naira from poor Nigerian and after when the poor peoples children finished their schools JOB will not be given to them and they used to be discriminated and insulted by those rich politicians whose their children finished their various expenses universities without understanding the scopes of their courses. JAMB is bias (Many of the rich people’s children cannot score the require JAMB score that is why they by pass it. (This is economic Exploitation and it is a CRIME) It is squeamish to poor Nigerian!


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