Home News Fela Durotoye – ‘Money will fail in 2019 elections’

Fela Durotoye – ‘Money will fail in 2019 elections’


Fela Durotoye, who is a Motivational speaker and leadership coach, has shared his view concerning the leadership structure of Nigeria ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Durotoye who is also a presidential aspirant was invited on Channels Television’s Politics Today where he said: “Money will fail in 2019”.

According to him:

“people are now smarter and they now know that when politicians offer you money, they are offering you money to enslave you.”

He went on to buttress his point that the status quo will be transformed in 2019 because the people have “woken up” and are no longer having interest in being ruled rather, they want to lead and make deliberate efforts to make their lives better.

According to him, Nigeria has up until now, experienced “rulership” as opposed to leadership.

He further explained that there is a leadership system called “Selectocracy” in Nigeria, in which “the access to positions of authority and In some cases power, is determined by a few people who have a higher interest in themselves and their own select interest than they have in the interest of the general public.

“We have not seen leadership in Nigeria. What we have in Nigeria are not leaders, we have rulers and we have to call rulers for what they are,” he said.


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