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Femi Adesina Says – Nigeria needs the support of respectable men of God


Femi Adesina who is the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity has made it known that Nigeria needs the spiritual backup of renowned men of God in the country.

Speaking yesterday when many pastors of the Gospel Faith Mission International that was led by the Vice General Overseer of the Mission, Pastor Emmanuel Oluwayemi had paid him a courtesy call in his office, Femi Adesina summoned religious leaders in the country to pray continuously for the unity, peace and prosperity of Nigeria especially as 2019 elections are fast approaching.

“As we approach the election year, please continue to pray that all will be well with our country. People are getting desperate to ensure that their desires, often ill-motivated, are actualised. But by the prayers of spiritual fathers like you, it will be well with the country,” Adesina said.

He further said that God is the superior solution to all challenges and that no man has the solution to all the happenings around him. Femi Adesina expressed sincere happiness that the Gospel Faith Mission International which is a notable respected organization, known for its open and broad-mindedness, had agreed to offer spiritual backup to the government.

He reiterated President Muhammadu’s assertion that he is not a religious bigot and can never be one.

Pastor Emmanuel Oluwayemi had earlier told the Special Adviser Femi Adesina that the church and the nation have a lot of work to do together especially at this point in time when there is serious tension in the country.

He further added that the role of the church is to advise and pray for spiritual leaders of the country as it is being commanded by God in the scriptures. He acknowledged that their role as co-builders in Nigeria to ensure that there are fairness and justice in the country.

The Deputy General Overseer has assured that the Gospel Faith Mission International will continue to provide spiritual support for the federal government rather than heat up the polity. He prayed that God’s hands will continue to be on President Buhari, Deputy President Yemi Osinbajo and other elected people in the country.


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