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Bishop swears he is ready to go to hell because of the curves on actress Onyii Alex


A man who says he was a Bishop said he’s obsessed with actress Onyii Alex’s waist and this obsession cost him his position in church and he’s ready to go to hell just to have a piece of her. na real wa!

The obsessed bishop said this while commenting on one of her Instagram photos.

See his full comment and Onyii’s reply below;


  1. I believe Bishop is your Nick name
    Because you don’t sound like one and mind you, you are already in a hell and you are just bargaining for the external and everlasting one.

  2. Young man u are not a bishop, God may punish you for saying such rubbish under the name bishop. You are a disgrace to men, oga if u like a woman approach her and stop talking senseless. If you had ever read bible you will not wish your self hell even though u leave the most humiliating and frustrating life on earth.


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