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Former president Obasanjo reportedly planning to support Atiku Abubakar


According to reports, former President Olusegun Obasanjo is planning to throw his support behind the presidential aspiration of his former deputy, Atiku Abubakar.

Both politicians have over the years had a rough relationship. Obasanjo has in many instances, expressed his displeasure at his former deputy and at different occasions, vowed to work against the presidential aspiration of Atiku. At one of such events, Obasanjo when asked if he would support Atiku’s presidential aspiration, answered;

“For what”? How can I be on the same side with Atiku? To do what? If I support Atiku for anything, God will not forgive me. If I do not know, yes. But once I know, Atiku can never enjoy my support. I do not have personal grudges with anyone. If you do not do well for Nigeria, you do not do well for all of us. It is not a question of working with or not working with an individual. If you are working for the good of Nigeria, I am working with you. If you are not working for the good of Nigeria it does not matter who you are I am not working with you.”

Sahara Reporters in a new report, says Obasanjo might soon rescind his decision as he is beginning to consider Atiku a better candidate in the 2019 presidential election. A source close to the former president who spoke with Sahara Reporters, said

“Baba believes that Buhari is too rigid, and you know Baba said long time ago that Buhari should go and rest in 2019. Yes, Atiku and Baba have a history. But these days, he has been saying Atiku, despite all his foibles, will at least create more jobs and help to revive the ailing economy.”

In multiple occasions, the former preisdent has called on Nigerians not to re-elect President Buhari whom he has described as failure.


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