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Fulani herdsmen Have Abducted and killed a Benin Pastor


A Benin clergy whose name is Pastor Eromosele was being abducted by members of the Fulani Herdsmen while he was working on his farm at Odighi in Ovia North East local government area of the Edo State.

From reports, they have demanded the sum of N4m as ransom

According to leadershipng, another farmer, who was found dead and whose identity is not known, was buried inside the bush because he has decomposed already. The unknown farmer was found by a search party, which comprises hunters and indigenous vigilante, who went into the bush in search for Pastor Eromosele.

Dr. Richard Eromosele, the Eldest son of late Pastor Eromosele, said his father was kidnapped on Thursday, March 29 and was found that he has decomposed in the bush already on Tuesday, April 3rd. Dr. Richard said he almost gave up the ghost when he saw the way his father was severely murdered.

Richard told newsmen that the herdsmen cut his father’s skull after they have shot him at a very close range. He said that he reported the incident to the police and he was being referred to the anti-kidnapping unit but the police did not do anything to save his father.

Richard said two of his father’s workers, Kingsley and Akpan, who had managed to escape from the herdsmen, shared what occurred before his father was murdered.

He said:

“Last Thursday, my mother called that she had been calling my father and that he was not picking. She later called that my father later picked and told her that herdsmen had kidnapped him at his farm.

“The herdsmen did not use their phones. They were using my father’s phone and the phone of one of his workers. They demanded for N4m but we begged them that it was a holiday and could not raise such money. “I went to the police and they told me that I should call them whenever the herdsmen called for ransom payment. I did that but there was no response from the police.

“The two workers that escaped told us that the herdsmen told my father that he was one of those killing their cows. “It was on Tuesday after the police failed to find my father that I begged hunters and vigilante to help me. It was during the search that we found my father.

His skull was cut out with a cutlass while his hands were also cut. “We want security agencies to protect farmers in Odighi.

My father has farmed in that place all his life. How could I go into farming when my father was killed like a pig.”

Johnson Kokumo, The Edo State Commissioner of Police, could not be contacted for his response as at the time of filing in the report.


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